Groningen nightlife reporting point

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The Groningen nightlife is famous for being the best in the Netherlands. This is of course a nice status to have, but this does not mean absolutely everything is going smoothly during a night in Groningen.

For example, there are still enough reports of drugging, discrimination, sexual harrasment and other matters that we would rather not have during the Groningen night. In order to gain insight into these matters, we, De Nachtraad, have set up the Groningen nightlife reporting point.

We are collecting and analysing the (anonymous) reports that we receive through this form. This data will be used to develop campaigns, begin important social discussions and collaborate with the nightlife entrepreneurs of Groningen.

In short: your report is very important and that is why we would like to thank you in advance! Together, we are working on a safer and more inclusive Groningen night!

Need help?

Did you have a negative sexual experience and do you need help? Get in touch with the Centre for Sexual Violence.

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